We’ll Take Care of Everything

Undaunted Brands will maximize your online sales.

We Take the Risk, You Profit

When we buy your product, that’s money in the bank for you.  No worrying about returns or buy backs.  We pay for your products upfront and take all the risk.  You just watch your profits grow.

Expand Your Brand’s Reach

In addition to Amazon U.S., we are set up to sell on Amazon’s European marketplaces and are verified sellers on Walmart.com, so your brand will instantly get traction with new audiences around the globe.

Enforce Your MAP Policy

Not only do we adhere to your MAP policy, we also monitor the other sellers on your listings across all channels, and report to you when we’ve found offenders.

Content Optimization

We increase marketplace visibility, product rank, and sales by creating captivating, keyword dense content.  Our copywriters and photographers are ready to take your sales to the next level.

Build Your Brand’s Influence

Undaunted Brands can supercharge your sales and reviews by running cost-effective PPC campaigns and getting your products in front of influencers in almost any category.

Spy On Competitors

We can help you knock out your competition with our monthly reports on competitor PPC spend, keyword strategy, and customer feedback.  We’ll include specific action items to help you beat them.

Break through the noise and frustration of online selling and let your products shine.

Let the team that went from 0 to the top 100 in sales in a variety of product categories do the same for your products. Our team of online retail experts will employ the same strategies that have launched products from obscurity to best sellers.

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